Sharing with Italian readers his views of the multicultural environment he has seen in our country, the author writes, “Today the multicultural societies are not a tale, but reality. The great wave of migration lately encountered also by Europe has turned Italy into a multicultural country. However, unfortunately, the institutional regulation of this notion is not observed in Italy. Frankly speaking, Italy is not ready to own a completely multicultural society yet. In general, when speaking of the notion of multiculturalism, it would be appropriate to consider the Azerbaijani model of the notion. The representatives of different cultures and religions, ethnic minorities live in harmony in this country.”

The author goes on further, “To advocate the multicultural traditions in Azerbaijan and teach this model, there was established Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism. Together with the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan and Baku Slavic University, the Centre has started the process of teaching this country’s multiculturalism in such countries as Italy, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Russia, Georgia, Portugal, Latvia, Czechia. The Associate Professor of Baku Slavic University Irina Kunina has already been teaching Azerbaijani Multiculturalism at LaSapienza University in Rome.”