The participants of the V International Summer School of Multiculturalism have shared their impressions.


Venus Lui Meu (Hong Kong):

This is my first visit to Azerbaijan. Coming here was my old dream. Azerbaijan has always evoked in me great interest. I came and saw: you have a very picturesque country, indeed.

The young man, who emphasized that they have had very fruitful time and enjoyed wonderful moments in the summer school organized in Gakh, expressed his satisfaction from his participation in the project. Lui Meu, who characterized Azerbaijan as a very rich country from historical point of view, focused the attention to the fact that they are looking forward to the planned excursions to other regions.


Ulisses Lisbea (Brazil):

This is my second visit to Azerbaijan. During my previous trip I visited Ganja, Shaki, Ismayilli and Gabala. I am very delighted that we have a chance to familiarize ourselves with the model of Azerbaijani multiculturalism.

The guest, who underlined many similarities between his country and Azerbaijan, said, “In Brazil there is also a model similar to that of Azerbaijani multiculturalism. My country is also multicultural, and representatives of different cultures live there. I think that I’ll be able to familiarize myself with Azerbaijani multiculturalism more closely in the period while the summer school continues.


Salomeja Lukaite (Lithuania)

As the Club of the Young Friends of Azerbaijan, we admitted to our ranks some 40 students from new countries – China, Japan, Kazakhistan, and some other countries of Asia and Europe.

The Lithuanian student said, “The members of our Club can play a great part in the dissemination and joint advocacy of different cultures. Each of them represents his/her own culture. As the Young Friends of Azerbaijan, our main goal is to widely disseminate and advocate your country’s multicultural values, and ideas.