The project of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism on teaching the course “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism” in foreign and national universities is continuing successfully. At present the course is being taught at 40 universities in the Republic as well as 17 leading universities of the world in the frames of the project.

Recently one more foreign university has been added to this number. Regular classes on the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism have started at Hokkaido University, the prestigious and one of the five most powerful universities in Japan. The classes are held in accordance with the agreement reached between Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism and the Slavic and Eurasian Studies Centre at Hokkaido University on May of the current year. The course is being taught by Alibey Mammadov, the scholar in Japanese Studies, who is the PhD student on conflictology at Hokkaido University and the state grant holder of the Japanese government. The preparation for the course has started since August, and the advertisement on classes has been shared at the University campus as well as in its electronic address. The classes are being held in Japanese.

Among the Japanese students, who have been registered to attend the “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism” classes, those who want to get education in Azerbaijan in future, to establish business in this country, also those willing to teach classes on Azerbaijan at Japanese universities and thus to get knowledge on Azerbaijani culture, history, literature and its multicultural state make up the majority. The selected students will have the chance to participate in winter and summer schools in Azerbaijan, which is, in its turn, one of the factors motivating the students.

It should be reminded that the above-mentioned project has started after the programs of the courses “Introduction to Multiculturalism” and “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism” developed by the ideational support and at the initiative of the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism Academician Kamal Abdullayev were approved at the Ministry of Education. It is delightful that some positive experience has already been obtained in teaching the course, the use of the recently-released textbook “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism” facilitates the further rise of the teaching quality as well.

As a result of the consistent and purposeful activity carried out by Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism for President Ilham Aliyev’s initiative “Let us Present Azerbaijan as the Centre of Multiculturalism in the World” to find its real solution, the teaching of the courses on Azerbaijani multiculturalism abroad is covering a wider geography.