The VII International Summer School of Multiculturalism titled “Baku Process 10 Years: As a Contribution to the Intercultural Dialogue” and held by the organizational support of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism continued its work on 4 August.

On the sixth day of the Summer School the Attaché of the International Development Agency (AIDA) under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Taleh Aliyev made a presentation on “The AIDA and Its Activities”.

Taleh Aliyev stated that the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is developing fast from the economic point of view, and gaining more and more prestige among the world nations and states, has long been carrying out the mission of a source country, participating closely in the global development process. In the international realm Azerbaijan is already acting in a new image – as a contributing country, extends its helping hand in cases of natural and man-made disasters in different regions of the world, also to the countries facing economic challenges.

It was noted that the AIDA was formed within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 14 September 2011. The formation of the Agency was aimed to provide our country’s support to the efforts of the international community in the struggle against social problems in different regions of the world. Also, as a result of the economic development observed in Azerbaijan for the last 10 years, our country has turned from the recipient of aid to a contributing country.

Taleh Aliyev pointed out that being guided by the principles of cooperation, efficiency, transparency and legal equality while rendering assistance to foreign states, the AIDA has built its activities in two directions since its establishment: rendering a humanitarian aid and international development support. At present the number of the countries benefitting from the international programs of support rendered by the AIDA has exceeded 40, and it is stipulated to branch these programs as well as increase the number of recipient countries in near future. The AIDA, which is delivering the assistance of the Azerbaijani people to foreign states with an aim to strengthen the international cooperation in political, economic, cultural and other fields, peace and equality among the countries, serves the successful fulfillment of the priorities of our country’s foreign policy.

Further there was a presentation by the member of the Managerial Staff of the Club of the Young Friends of Azerbaijan Joao Mestre (Portugal) on the activities of the Club.

J.Mestre stated that the establishment of the Club of the Young Friends of Azerbaijan is a very important step in essence, and a wide social basis has long been formed for the operation of the Club. The Club of the Young Friends of Azerbaijan was formed in the frames of the III International School of Multiculturalism, which was titled “Multiculturalism as a Lifestyle in Azerbaijan: National and Religious Values”, held by the joint organizational support of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism and the Knowledge Foundation at the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and attended by students from 16 countries. The members of the Club have been working to support Azerbaijan’s model of multiculturalism, its culture, history and just course as a whole, the presentation of Azerbaijan’s realities to the international community, and carrying out different activities. We are trying to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the Azerbaijani people and state are worth of deep respect for the empathy, love and care it has cherished towards the centuries-old ethnic and religious diversity on its territory, in general, with its unparalleled multicultural values, rare model of multiculturalism.