There was a presentation of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s Book “On the Azerbaijani Model of Multiculturalism” in the meeting hall of the Executive Power of the city of Nakhchivan.

Opening the event, the Director of the State Agency for the Issues with Religious Organizations of the Autonomous Republic of Nakhchivan Vugar Babayev underlined that the book published in Azerbaijani, Russian and English incorporates the valuable ideas about the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism expressed by President Ilham ALiyev in his interviews and speeches since 2003.

He stated that this valuable publication speaks of the projects implemented by our country at the initiative and under the guidance of the Head of our state to develop multiculturalism, including intercultural and interreligious dialogue, as well as the achievements in this field both within the country and on an international scale.

The Chair of the Board of Trustees of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism, Academician Kamal Abdulla, who spoke at the event, noted that our National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s great care for the development of multiculturalism in our country was one of his merits before our nation. This policy is being continued vigorously by President Ilham Aliyev, who has raised multiculturalism to the state level. The policy of multiculturalism pursued under the guidance of the Head of the state accelerates the integration processes within the country. And internationally this policy has a strong impact on the development of intercultural and interreligious dialogue. Since, in Azerbaijan multiculturalism has very serious historical, geographical, ideological, political bases.

Kamal Abdulla, who said, “As it is stated by the Head of the country, multiculturalism is a state policy. This is obvious in each idea accumulated in the publication of the Head of our state; here one can feel love and affection to our country, nation, to all the peace-loving people in the world. The Azerbaijani President’s ideas and instructions about multiculturalism are continuing even after “The Year of Multiculturalism” announced by him in 2016. We are witnessing it every day,” pointed out that this book will continue and the statements of the Head of our state on the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism, actions to be taken to establish a multicultural mood in the world will be published in the next volumes of the publication. The translation of the book into other languages is also being planned.

Kamal Abdulla emphasized the respect and regards towards the multicultural values also in Nakhchivan and expressed his deep gratitude to the leader of the Autonomous Republic for the organization of the event at a high level.

Academician Mukhtar Imanli spoke at the event and pointed out that the book presented as an important area of the policy pursued in Azerbaijan reflects a number of theoretical issues of multiculturalism, the features of the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism.

Emphasizing the great importance of the publication of the Azerbaijani President’s ideas associated with multiculturalism as a collection in three languages, Mukhtar Imanli stated that Azerbaijani multiculturalism is being highly appreciated and cited as an example in the world today. As the Head of our state points out, there is no alternative to multiculturalism. It is the only approach to save the world faced with wars and conflicts.

Mukhtsr Imanli, who said that today at the time when the international realm is challenged by wars, conflicts, bloody clashes and other problems, Azerbaijan seems to be an oasis in the world, there is safety, stability and high multicultural ambiance in the country which is the result of the policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev in this line, his equal attitude to each of our citizens regardless of their religion, language and national identity.

It was stressed that the increasing interest in Azerbaijan’s experience in multiculturalism and tolerance in the entire world has earned it an image of a state exporting tolerance alongside with oil and natural gas, as it is expressed by some foreign politicians. The policy of tolerance pursued by the Azerbaijani state lays foundations for the consolidation of friendship and fraternity among the ethnic and religious communities residing in our country.

It should be noted that the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s Book “On the Azerbaijani Model of Multiculturalism” was also presented at Nakhchivan State University; the new publication associated with multiculturalism was given as a present to the library of this higher educational institution.