Paris. 5 November. REPORT.AZ/ “In Azerbaijan the Jews’ co-existence of with the Muslims under the conditions of peace and safety is among the unique experiences in the world.”

This was stated by the outstanding sculptor and artist of France, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Hedva Ser in her comments to the European Bureau of “Report”. According to her, in Azerbaijan the Jews enjoy an independent life, “I also have been to the synagogue in the village “Red Settlement” of the district of Guba. I am the author of “the Tree of Peace” erected in 12 cities of the world. Symbols belonging to three religions are noticed in these handicrafts of mine. And Baku is one of the 12 cities where on one of the grandest squares one of my handiworks dedicated to peace is erected. Through the statue erected in Croatia I tried to animate the Jews’ history in Europe. Another work I dedicated to peace is in one of the central avenues of Luxemburg as suggested by the Defence Ministry of that country, my one more work will be erected in the Ukraine.”

The French artist also said that she has been entitled to be a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, “Since that period I have served to create peace in the world through my handiworks. Through the statues I create, I try to develop diplomacy of culture. I am an organizer of the events bringing together the artists of the conflicting parties in the UNESCO frames or with the support of this grand organization. They work jointly to create pieces of art, get encouraged by one another’s handicrafts, display respect to one another’s culture. I have made an initiative to hold an event in Azerbaijan with the participation of the artists from the Caucasus and Middle Asian region. By bringing together cultures and the representatives of cultures, we are trying to make our contribution to establish peace in the world.”

H.Ser underlined that Azerbaijan is a country rich in culture, “For many years I have been weaving the carpets of Buisson which is a part of France’s history. In France carpets enjoy old history. I have a rich personal collection of Buisson carpets. And Azerbaijan’s rich experience in carpet weaving, its pieces reflecting the stylistic, shade diversity and variety are displayed in the carpet museum in Baku. Today this kind of art has turned into an indivisible part of Azerbaijani culture. One cannot encounter rich museums everywhere. However, in Azerbaijan such museums predominate. I like very much both the Azerbaijani artists and their handicrafts. I highly appraise Azerbaijani music, especially orchestra music and jazz dances. My first visit to Azerbaijan was 7 years ago. I discovered the Inner City (Icheri Shahar) then. Since that time during each of my trips I have drawn some works in the Inner City. All of them form an indivisible part of my personal collection today. In Azerbaijan the pieces of ancient civilization on one side and modernity on the other merge to generate a mysterious harmony. Glaring Baku nights are superb. There has always been a mutual understanding between French and Azerbaijani cultures. Today I am the Vice-President of the Association of Azerbaijan’s Friends in France. I am continuing to present Azerbaijani culture in France and in the international events I participate in as much as I can.”