In the afternoon on 25 July the participants of the V International Summer School of Multiculturalism visited the tourist attractions of the district of Gakh and familiarized themselves with the historical sights.

The tour of the XVII-XVIII-century castle “Sumuk Gala” situated in the village of Ilisu was to the hearts’ content of the summer school participants. It was also emphasized that the district of Gakh is one of the developed tourism regions of Azerbaijan. Ancient historical-architectural monuments with original characteristics are abundant in the territory of the district, Sumuq Gala being one of them. The history of the construction of the castle coincides with the period when the Ilisu sultanate developed and prospered. The castle is called “Sumuq Gala” because it was as firm as a bone [in Azerbaijani: ‘sumuk’ means ‘a bone’]. The castle is one of the historical monuments attracting most local and foreign tourists visiting the district. The historical-architectural monument “Sumuk Gala” is protected by the state.

The summer school participants viewed the natural beauties of the village of Ilisu through the windows of the last floor of the castle and took commemorative pictures.

Further, they visited Juma Mosque in the city of Gakh, and organized walks to the other sights of the city.

The familiarization with the historical sights of the district of Gakh with picturesque nature has deeply impressed the international summer school participants.