The US journalist and political analyst Peter Tase, who has had a research practice at Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism, delivered a lecture on Azerbaijani multiculturalism at the University of Travnik in Bosnia Herzegovina. The event took place by the organizational support of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism and at the initiative of Professor Sabahudin Hadzialij on the 10th Jubilee of the University. In his lecture Peter Tase spoke of Azerbaijan’s multicultural values, Nagorni Garabagh conflict and the crimes committed by the Armenian armed forces against humanity. The lecturer also emphasized the ancient architectural traditions of Azerbaijan, the unique architectural character of the monuments created by the architect Ajami Nakhchivani.

Peter Tase spoke of the truths of the ecological warfare in the occupied Azerbaijani territories over 25 years, the activities targeted at the complete destruction of the cultural and religious monuments and the murder of Azerbaijani civilians by the Armenian armed forces since 1987, “The present stage of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict started with the attacks of the Armenian armed forces in the Azerbaijani area of Khankandi, and further the seven surrounding districts of Azerbaijan including Nagorni Garabagh were invaded by the Armenian armed forces. All these territories were exposed to ethnic cleansing, despite the claims of the Armenian community for self-determination in Nagorni Garabagh, about one million Azerbaijanis were ousted from their native land, became refugees and IDPs”. Peter Tase pointed out the co-existence of the representatives of different nations and religions, the facilitation for the settlement of Jews in Azerbaijan, the unique character of the Red Settlement in the district of Guba where they are densely populated, as well as the absence of anti-Semitism, the secure nature of this place.

The lecture also underlined the 42th Jubilee of the contract on sister cities between Sarajevo and Baku. At the lecture attended by about 200 students, also Elnur Guliyev, the counselor of the Azerbaijani diplomatic representation in Bosnia and Herzegovina Peter Tase mentioned the high level of the relations between the two mentioned countries, recalled the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev’s meetings with the Chairman of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mladen Ivanic in March 2017 and with the member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bakir Izetbegovic in September 2017 in Astana.

At the meeting with the University students the political analyst from the USA gave information on the activities of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism and the events held by it as well as the existing practice at the University under the leadership of the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Centre, Rector of Azerbaijan University of Languages, Academician Kamal Abdullayev, the American Centre, the Chinese Cultural Centre and the possibility of conducting research in different languages. Books on Azerbaijani multiculturalism were donated to the University library.

During his trip to the city of Sarajevo Peter Tase also gave an interview to the city program of the municipal federal radio-station.