On 16 February there was a meeting of the participants of the VI International Winter School of Multiculturalism at the Caucasian Muslims Office.

First, the participants of the Winter School familiarized themselves with the mosque “Tazapir” and got information about the history of the mosque.

Further, the chief of the staff of the Caucasian Muslims Office Simran Hasanov provided the participants with the information on the history of Islam in Azerbaijan and the environment of tolerance here. He stated that as the juncture of different cultures for centuries our country has demonstrated its adherence to multicultural traditions. The representatives of different religions have co-existed in Azerbaijan peacefully, each of them has been treated with respect in our country.

Speaking of the state-religious relations in Azerbaijan, S.Hasanov said that the traditions of tolerance are the main support of the ideology of Azerbaijanism. In Azerbaijan, where civilizations intersect, religious, national and racial tolerance is the great achievement of our nation. In Azerbaijan, which has turned multiculturalism into one of the main political priorities, there has historically been tolerant attitude towards the representatives of all the nations. There is great culture, literature, history behind the words “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism”.

The visitors also got information on the history of formation and activities of the Caucasian Muslims Office.

The Akhund of the mosque “Tazapir” Mirjafar Ayyubov spoke of the basics of Islam and its advantages. He said that Islam inculcates in Mankind  the ideas of peace, security, mutual understanding, fraternity and charity.

Further,  the Winter School participants’ questions were answered.