There has been a meeting with the participants of the VII International Summer School of Multiculturalism at the Caucasian Muslims’ Office.

The Chief of Staff of the Caucasian Muslims’ Office Simran Hasanov gave information on the history, legal status and activity of the Office.

The Chief of Staff, who said that 65% of the Muslims in Azerbaijan are Shia and 35% Sunni, pointed out that historically Azerbaijan has not seen any misunderstanding among religions and faiths. Stating that as a result of the Azerbaijani people’s National Leader Heydar Aliyev’s successful policy between the state and religion, an ambiance of religious tolerance has been established in our country, Simran Hasanov dealt with the state care for religion, the conditions created for the activities of the religious communities in our country.

The Deputy Chair of the Caucasian Muslims’ Office Gamar Javadli spoke of the importance of the meetings with the participants of the International Summer and Winter Schools of Multiculturalism and said that such kind of meetings enable the participants of the international schools to get more profound information on Azerbaijan.

G.Javadli appraised women’s being in majority among the summer school participants as a positive indicator and said that Azerbaijan People’s Republic, whose 100th Anniversary is being celebrated this year, was the first country in the East to grant women with suffrage in 1918. Dealing with the significant role of the Azerbaijani women in the life of our society, the Deputy Chair of the Caucasian Muslims’ Office stated that in the Muslim religious communities functioning in our country women enjoy all conditions to work as leaders. There is a religious college “Shabnam” for girls in Azerbaijan.

G.Javadli pointed out that the Caucasian Muslims’ Office, which incorporates both the Shia and Sunnis, has protected itself from separation despite all the political processes for 200 years, has become stronger and gained fame on the international arena. Today the Caucasian Muslims’ Office has international relations with over 100 different religious organizations.

The Deputy Chair of the Caucasian Muslims’ Office, who pointed out that religious education is also at the high level in our country, said that there is Baku Islam University as well as 11 Islamic colleges in Azerbaijan.

Further the participants of the summer school got answers to their questions.