On 2 August Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism hosted the delegation of the Jewish community of France paying a visit to Azerbaijan by the Valiske Association.

The delegation’s visit to Azerbaijan is aimed at their familiarization with the theoretical bases of religious tolerance in our country, the actions taken in connection with “The Year of Islamic Solidarity”, guarantee of the Muslim-Jewish co-existence and prevention of extremism.

Ravan Hasanov, the staff member of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism, who briefed the guests on the multicultural environment in our country, stated that the rich cultural-spiritual legacy and traditions of tolerance of Azerbaijan, which is situated at the juncture of civilizations, are among the realities to be recognized in the international realm. The environment of national-cultural diversities and religious-ethnic tolerance has turned Azerbaijan into an unparalleled space of intercultural dialogue on a world scale as a multinational, multi-confessional land. The state policy targeted at the maintenance of these cultural, ethnic diversities and successfully pursued in our country today necessitates the careful coverage and enrichment of the great historical experience generated in the field of multiculturalism for centuries, and the strengthening of the international advocacy of the unique achievements accumulated in society in this direction.

The unique model of Muslim-Jewish co-existence in Azerbaijan, the state policy in multiculturalism and tolerance pursued in our country have evoked a great interest and respect of the representatives of the Jewish Community of France among whom there are Ashkenazi, Sefardic, Reform, Liberal Jews from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel and Turkey.