On 29 July Daniel Zisenvine, Professor of Tel-Aviv University (Israel) delivered a lecture on “Jews and Arabs in North Africa, a case study of intercultural relationship” in the frames of the V International Summer School of Multiculturalism on “Intercultural Dialogue in the Context of Religious and Cultural Diversity – Interreligious Harmony in Azerbaijan”.

The lecturer gave information based on the historical facts about the sacred texts in Islam and Judaism, drew attention to the centuries-long problems between these religions, and associated these problems rather with the absence of dialogue. The professor prioritized the importance of conducting open discussions, dialogue at various levels and in different formats as a solution to these problems.

Further there was a discussion of the questions interesting to the participants.

Daniel Zisenvine said that the International Summer School of Multiculturalism will leave a deep impression in the participants’ minds, because the young people presenting their cultures are also learning the multicultural values of the representatives of other countries, getting acquainted with them. Thus, this is a project of great significance. The young people learnt a lot. The students coming from different places of the world will play an important part in the dissemination of the multicultural values.

It should be noted that some 60 students from the leading universities of Azerbaijan, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Australia, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Benin, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Poland, Great Britain, France, Libya, Brazil, China and other countries are taking part in the summer school held by the joint organizational efforts of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism, UNESCO, “Erasmus+”, “ALADDIN Project” and the Club of the Young Friends of Azerbaijan.