The heroism of our people in gaining the historic victory in World War II will never be forgotten.

Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism and “Etnoglobus” International Online Analytic Centre have held a joint conference on “The Role of the Ideology of Peoples’ Friendship in the Victory over Fascism”.

Speaking at the meeting the Acting Executive Director of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism Ravan Hasanov said that history has shown us the impossibility of the survival of chauvinism and the ideology of fascism. Peoples’ friendship and co-existence have always overcome such kind of ideologies. The Azerbaijani people, who has had a very great share in the victory over fascism, sent its 700 thousand young sons and daughters to the front. Over 300 thousand of them died in the battles.

It was pointed out that although a long period has passed since World War II, the incidents committed in Nagorni Garabagh by the Armenian nationalists, who have chosen terror as its ideology, the occupation of 20 percent of the Azerbaijani territory show how dangerous the nationalistic ideology is. Like it was in World War II, again we are going to gain a victory over nationalism and extreme ideology as a result of the Azerbaijani people’s struggle and endurance. We’ll bring multiculturalism against terror to the fore and be guided by tolerance.

The Senior Consultant of the Department of Interethnic Relations, Multiculturalism and Religious Issues of the Presidential Administration Jeyhun Mammadov said that peoples’ friendship has had a very great part in the victory over fascism. Getting united on the basis of this principle, the representatives of different nationalities residing in Azerbaijan were always by the side of the state and took an active part in the victory over fascism.

It was pointed out that today there is a great attention to and care for the war veterans in Azerbaijan.  The National Leader always took great care of the war veterans; various decrees were signed in regard to them. This policy is being continued successfully by President Ilham Aliyev at present. The solution to the problems of the war veterans and improvement of their lifestyles constitute one of the main guidelines of the state policy. Peoples’ friendship maintains its significance today as well. There has historically been tolerance towards all cultures and religions in Azerbaijan. In no region of Azerbaijan does anyone face any discrimination for his/her religion, nationality. Azerbaijan is capable of exporting not only natural resources, but also tolerance.

Yevgeni Mikhaylov, the Editor-in-chief of the periodical “The Analysis of the South of Russia” shared his view on the role of peoples’ friendship in gaining the historic victory.

The Deputy Chair of the Veterans’ Organization of the Republic, retired Colonel Jalil Khalilov spoke of our people’s unprecedented merits in the victory over German fascism. He noted that the Azerbaijanis demonstrated great heroism both in and behind the lines.

Azerbaijani oil played a decisive role in this victory. Azerbaijan accounted for one third of the oil, 85-90% of the aviation petrol and high quality engine oils of the total produced in the Soviet Union during the war.

The other speakers at the event also emphasized the Azerbaijani people’s great role in the victory over fascism in World War II and that 9 May – the V-day has been put down to history in golden letters. It was stated that the heroism of the Azerbaijani sons and daughters, who had an honourable path of struggle in World War II, will never be erased from the memories. This heroism is an example of genuine patriotism for the young generation.